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I am delighted to share the tremendous success of a recent community event that I had the privilege of participating and managing. I being the National Secretary of ITServe Alliance, along with ITServe Alliance CSR Columbus team – Rajeev Dubey, Sreekanth Paruchuri, T P Singh, Ravikanth, and our committed core team members and volunteers, joined hands with th #philanthropy #community e Mid-Ohio Food Collective to make a significant difference in addressing food insecurity within our community.

As a Secretary of ITServe Alliance and a passionate advocate for philanthropy, I firmly believe in the transformative power of giving back. This event served as a poignant reminder of the importance of community engagement and the profound impact we can create when we stand united for a shared cause.

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective, renowned for its tireless efforts in combating hunger, operates six days a week, ensuring essential food resources reach individuals and families facing food insecurity. Their unwavering dedication plays a vital role in ensuring that those in need have access to nutritious meals and vital supplies.

During this exceptional event, we witnessed an outpouring of generosity and compassion. Over 325 cars were loaded with multiple carts of food, meeting the urgent demand for sustenance. This experience was both humbling and eye-opening, illuminating the significant number of individuals and families who rely on such initiatives to meet their basic needs.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Mid-Ohio Food Collective for their inspiring commitment to supporting the less fortunate. Participating in this event was a true honor, reinforcing my belief in the power of community and collective action to tackle food insecurity.

Together, let us continue to make a positive impact and work towards a brighter future for every member of our community.

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