A Wonderful Event – 22nd June’2023 ITServe Alliance Columbus Chapter Meeting.

On June 22, 2023, we gathered at the vibrant Bridge Park in Dublin, Ohio, for a wonderful ITServe Alliance Columbus Chapter event that had it all— National Team visit, engaging discussions, and networking galore!

Curated by the Anju Vallabhaneni, National Secretary if IT Serve and Columbus Chapter President Rajeev Dubey, this meeting brought together a dynamic community of IT professionals, ready to make waves in the industry. So, what was on the agenda? Hold on tight as we take you through the exciting topics we explored:

1️ Immigration Updates: We dove headfirst into the ever-changing world of immigration – the highly informative session was taken by Jonathan Wasden. From policy tweaks to new regulations, we unraveled it all while keeping the energy high and the confusion low.

2️ Platinum Membership (covering PAC, Connected PAC, CSR & Elite) Drive: Who doesn’t love some VIP treatment? Anju Vallabhaneni unleashed the perks of becoming a platinum member of ITServe Alliance. This exclusive status grants access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and heightened visibility within the IT community. Additionally, we highlighted the significance of actively supporting the PAC drive, connected PAC/STEM & CSR Activities which comes with Elite Status for Synergy.

Meet & Network with National Leaders: An exceptional aspect of the meeting was the opportunity to connect and engage with distinguished national leaders including National President Mr. Vinay Mahajan and many Executive Board Members including other Chapter Presidents. This invaluable interaction allowed participants to forge meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and gain insights from influential figures in the IT landscape.

USG CEO Anju Vallabhaneni, extended heartfelt appreciation to all the remarkable individuals who graced the event with their presence, making it an extraordinary experience. He also extended appreciation to ITServe Founders, Governing Board Member and Executive Board Members for heartfelt support and encouragement given on Midwest Tour and Columbus Chapter success. At last, Anju expressed special thanks goes to Columbus Chapter President Rajiv Dubey, past Presidents Ashok & Prasad, and to the entire core team comprising Moe, Ravi, Purna, Naresh, Sreekanth, TP, Shani and other organizing teams for their exceptional efforts in bringing this vision to life.

It wasn’t just about business—we mixed in heaps of laughter, camaraderie, and good vibes throughout the event. We believe that forming long-lasting relationships while making strides in our careers is the secret sauce to success!

A massive shout out to all the attendees who made this meeting an absolute blast. And of course, a special thank you to Anju Vallabhaneni for orchestrating the magic behind the scenes!

Stay tuned, folks! Exciting events and initiatives are coming your way, so make sure to keep an eye out and buckle up for the thrill ride that lies ahead.

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