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  • Why United Software Group, Inc. is teaming with other companies to bridge the gap of employment for our Veterans and their families..


    I come from a long line of family members past, present and future who have, do and will serve our nation. Though I personally have not served, I have been member of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary for the last several years. Two years ago, I had a life changing event that took me out of circulation. When I was ready to return to make a normal life again, I was in search for a volunteering position with the VA. Due to my title and time constraints, it was not conducive for me to volunteer as I could not give the time commitment necessary to the program outline.

    I became frustrated in my search as I felt strongly about helping out our military members and families. During my search, my eyes were opened to the deficiency in gainful employment for our men and women who serve our country. So I thought to myself, "Hey, I work in a successful IT Staff Augmentation Firm! What better IT experience can you get than the Military? Let me see how I can incorporate this with our company." So I did just that! I met with my CEO, Anju, to discuss this problem among our military families. Turns out he is just as passionate about this issue as I, so we put together a plan. He let me run with it. Which brought us here today. We (USG, Inc.) have teamed up with companies which are willing to place Veterans in their businesses. As we continue to add companies, our scope of positions will grow, even beyond the Information Technology world.

    We look forward to serving you!

    Warm Regards,


    Susan Norton
    V. P. of Business Development

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