Business Process Automation

  • USG’s Business Process Automation systems helps automate multiple business processes with added efficiency and reduced cost per case.USG has developed repeatable BPM delivery methodology and framework that helps reduce the turnaround time during project implementations. The AutomationSystem has been developed using cutting edge technologies and is a COTS product; hence the system is a quick implement.

    Features -

    Information Gathering
    Automated Task Assignments
    Printing & Reporting

Claims Processing System

  • USG’s Claims Processing System helps gather information from multiple sources across the internet and provides a single entry into the Claims engine. The information is validated prior to submitting to the process engine. The system also provides results from the Process Engine to respective clients. The Claims processing system has been developed using cutting edge technologies and is a COTS product;hence the system is a quick implement for web enabling your application and increasing the visibility.

    Features -

    Information gathering from the web
    Automatic validations
    Online help at field level
    Submit and Confirm
    Claim Status

Auto Industry Process Automation

  • USG has developed multiple applications for use in auto industry. These include Auto Parts Inventory System, Supplier Management, Parts Design and Testing System and Assembly Logistics Checklist System. These systems have been developed using cutting edge technologies with an interface to legacy systems.

    Features -

    Automate Parts Inventory
    Manage Suppliers
    Design and test auto parts
    Quality Checklist automation


  • eTraker is an application that allows managers and recruiters of staffing companies to create, manage and share information about consultants across the organization. It is a solution that benefits IT recruiting company by providing insight into the profile of each consultant. The information can be shared and controlled to any level of security as per the business demands. It is a platform that helps recruiters to align requirements and resources to meet the organizational goals by connecting requirements, recruiters and consultants. eTraker is an automated tool that keeps track of opportunities, streamlines resources and increases the sales productivity.

    Features -

    Flexible and Customizable
    Gives flexible and customizable interface to search and capture the consultant information.
    Integrates with Outlook
    Integrates completely with Outlook′s email, contacts, calendar and tasks.
    Track and Capture
    Allows recruiters to search for suitable consultants based on the requirement of the client and share it with the managers.
    Share and Manage Data
    Each recruiter can manage their own requirements and based on the given permissions, other recruiters can update changes.
    Create Reports
    Create custom reports and share it across the team.
    Remote and Off-line Work